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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Doula?
    A Doula is a woman, without obstetric or medical training, who supports expecting familes with childbirth providing advice, education, emotional and physical support before birth and during the begining of postpartum. *A Doula does not provide any medical or clinicial services*
  • Does Insurance Cover Doula Birth Services?
    Most Insurance Companies do not cover Doula Services. Please reach out to your Insurance Company to confirm whether or not they do or offer some reimbursement. We offer payment plans to assist with covering your Doula Birth Services.
  • What are the Benefits of a Doula?
    Benefits of a Doula Can Decrease Use of Pain Medication Possible Shorter labor Support the Birth Plan YOU want Higher Rate of Breastfeeding BIG ONE: Decrease in Negative Birth Experience
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