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Meet Your Doula

Erika Anderson-West


certified doula

Welcome! My name is Erika Anderson-West and I am a Certified Birth Doula! 

Doulas are professional birth support coaches that assist women and their support team with emotional physical and mental needs surrounding childbirth and postpartum periods. Doula is a Greek word meaning, "woman who services". It is at my core to nurture and serve.


My interest in caring for women during childbirth roots in my own experiences bringing my two sons into the world. Having a doula during my last birth, I was able to focus on bringing my son in the world and have the positive experience I desired. We need more women to experience that same environment when bringing life into the world. It is my goal to provide education, skills, empowerment and tools to help obtain that birth environment you desire. 

Your Birth is the Perfect Example of Birth because there is no right or wrong way! It just has to be perfect for you! Let me assist you in creating that Positive Birth Experience! 

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